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electrical work in a retail space

When considering electrical needs for a retail or office environment, it is vital to find the obvious things like lighting and cash registers and computers; however, it is just as important to consider less obvious things like credit card readers, mechanized fixtures, charging stations, and even security systems. All these things work together to create a positive shopping and work experience; all these things require a power source that works 100% of the time. That is why you need an expert electrical contractor like Stelco Electric.

Stelco Electric is a local, family-owned business with over 40 years’ experience in retail and office environments. Harry Steele and his team have worked on a wide variety of large and small projects that include retail spaces like malls, shopping centers, free-standing shops, and office spaces like banking and call centers. Together, they have the knowledge, experience, and manpower to get your project off the ground and completed quickly and professionally.

To compete in a tech-heavy environment, retail spaces must have an abundance of electrical power that allows customers to have a positive experience. From interactive displays and video demonstrations, ambient lighting, and music to speedy checkouts at the register, the proper electrical configuration is vital. Having developed electrical plans for retail sites like malls and shopping centers, our team at Stelco Electric is experienced and can anticipate the power-supply needs for your location. Call us today for a FREE estimate; whether it is one retail location or several, we can quote your project quickly to get back to business!

The 21st Century office environment is changing every day to optimize for the latest technology. Besides having receptacles for computers and telephones, it is important to make sure your office is equipped with enough power to operate charging stations, printers, business machinery, servers, WiFi, phone and security systems. Let Stelco Electric guide you through creating an electrical plan that will allow for the changing work environment, allowing your business to expand when the time comes. For over 40 years, the Steele family has been hard at work educating themselves as technology has developed, perfecting their expertise in the important field of electric. You can trust the team at Stelco Electric to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and up to code! Call Stelco Electric today for a FREE quote!

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