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Living in the south has many benefits, and one of the greatest is our extended warm season. Starting in early April and lasting through late October, our temperatures are warm enough to swim, that’s why it is a great idea to install an above or in-ground pool! Installing a pool can be costly, so you want to make sure every detail is done correctly. One of the most critical details of pool construction is the electrical work. With so many electrical components and the proximity to water, it’s imperative to hire a licensed electrical contractor like Stelco Electric.

Swimming pools and hot tubs have many different electrical components like sub-panels, pool pumps, heaters, salt generators, and pool lighting. Additionally, swimming pools, hot tubs, and areas surrounding them need to be bonded. Bonding is a form of grounding that uses #8 copper wire to “bond” together with all the electrical components, grounding them and drawing away any stray voltage, ensuring safety. Since water and electricity can create an extremely dangerous or even deadly environment, hiring a highly qualified team of licensed electricians is of utmost importance. Hiring the right professional will leave you feeling confident knowing that all systems are wired correctly, pass inspection, and are safe to use for years to come.

When thinking of who to hire, look to Stelco Electric. Harry Steele and his team have over 40 years’ experience in the electrical business and have watched as our area has grown from a small southern town to a sizeable bustling city. They understand our area, the specific code regulations required for pools and hot tubs, and are well-versed in the code inspection process. Stelco Electric will walk you through the entire process, communicating each step of the way about the various components that will keep your pool in tip-top shape. If you own a home in Weddington, Matthews, Rock Hill, Ft. Mill, Pineville, Waxhaw, or Charlotte, and need a qualified and licensed pool electrician, call Stelco Electric to receive a FREE consultation today.

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