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car charging stations

Electric cars are on the rise, and the need to find a charging station may be severe. Many electric car owners are opting to have a charging station installed in their home. Taking the DIY approach when it comes to installing an electric car charging station should be avoided. Hiring a licensed electrician like Stelco Electric, can ensure safety and help prevent costly mistakes.

Improper installation of the charging station could cause severe damage to your home, including fire, damage to the station, and your car. These charging stations should be placed on a dedicated circuit. When you use a licensed electrician, they will tell if the circuit is dedicated to only the charging station. Stelco Electric will also make sure your charging station is wired to code regulations.

If your business is ready to install a car charging station for your employees, company vehicles, or the public Stelco Electric appreciates the opportunity to work with you. Our licensed electricians can provide electrical design, wiring installation, or the combination for a desirable outcome.

If you want to make sure your car and home operate safely and smoothly, hire a licensed electrician to wire your electrical car charging station! Stelco Electric provides commercial and residential electrical services, including wiring of car charging stations to North and South Carolina. Call Stelco Electric today to request your free estimate.

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