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Generators vary in size and magnitude of power needed for the supply in demand. Generators can be used at a home, business, and in hospitals. Having generators in place helps ensure that you never go without. A power generator converts mechanical energy into electrical power.

Our licensed electricians at Stelco Electric will work with you after your generator has been selected. We will install transfer switches and run lines from the transfer switch to the generator. Stelco Electricians will work to ensure electricity is connected to the generator(s). If working with a general contractor, we can help with the electrical design before delivering the generator system. Our electrical team will install and setup wiring and connecting and accessing a transfer switch. Having a generator set up by a licensed electrician helps to maintain the safety and prevention of fire and other safety issues.

If you are ready to install a generator in your home or adding generators to your business, have a qualified team of electricians on your side. Stelco Electric can correctly wire your power generator(s) and as always happy to provide a free estimate for services.

Hire a professional to help wire and install your portable generator(s). Stelco Electric is knowledgeable in the extensive wiring and understands the value of safely using a generator. Contact Stelco Electric in Monroe, NC, today to schedule your estimate for your electrical needs of your generator.

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